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Hop On Hop Off Bus

Just like any other city that welcomes tourists, Hong Kong has Hop On Hop Off Bus service. They are easy to identify and information are widely available. While they are a great way to explore Hong Kong, considering the tininess of metropolitan Hong Kong and considering English is one of Hong Kong's official language, there are some budget alternatives that offers the same magic.

All you need is an Octopus Card (or cash) to travel on the various Hong Kong Public Transport. Public Bus is one of the cheapest way to see neon signs on Kowloon's famous Nathan Road. Take the Star Ferry if you wish to see the Victoria Harbour. Hop on a Tram to see the Hong Kong Island in slow motion. Take the MTR if you wish to return to your hotel on time.

With the help of GPS and mobile APPs, it is fairly easy to travel around Hong Kong via MTR (Hong Kong's underground / subway / metro) or the public bus system. Having said that, Hop On Hop Off Bus service do offer a (roof) top-less experience. On a not so windy good day, it would be a great way to see the neon signs, billboards and bamboo sticks in Hong Kong.

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