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MTR, Mass Transit Railway, is one of Hong Kong's important public transport system. MTR is Hong Kong's subway; Hong Kong's underground. It is affordable, efficient and convenient. MTR gets you to most key tourist attractions. For places that are further away, MTR takes you to a nearby district and save time and money. One can find taxi stands, bus stations and/or mini bus stations next to all MTR stations. It was become Hong Kong's public transport backbone in the past 35 years.
Hong Kong MTR Gates

To travel on MTR, all you need is an Octopus card. Simply wave your octopus at the gates inside every station, and wave your card at your destination. Follow the crowd and the arrows. As you approach the row of gates, the octopus reader is always on your right. Wave your card, wait for the beep sound and talk through. Single journey tickets can also be purchased at ticket machines. However, instead of using the octopus reader, single journey tickets must be inserted into the gates. It is important to note that not all gates have a single journey ticket slot.

Hong Kong Octopus Card Reader

All stations are clear, bright with clear signage in Chinese and English. All broadcasts are made in English and Chinese. The route maps are available and easy to find inside all stations. Train services usually starts around 6am and finishes just after mid-night.

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