M&M's World Shanghai

M&M's, the world famous chocolate brand, has opened it's first M&M's World in Asia. This flagship store is right at the heard of Shanghai CBD on Nanjing East Road, making it very convenient for it's fans in Asia.

M&M's World, Shanghai, China

Apart from the world famous chocolate buttons, there are literally thousands of M&M's branded merchandise available for sale. These products are unique as they are China themed - not just made it China, these merchandise reminded one of the Chinese Culture.

m&m's Red safe guarding the Great Wall of Chocolate

m&m's Orange 'not-so'-safe guarding the Great Wall of Chocolate

m&m's Yellow in a panda suit

m&m's Green in a Kung-fu costume

m&m's Blue in a Bruce Lee suit

The center of attention inside M&M's World Shanghai are the human sized M&M's Characters. From Red safe guarding the Great Wall of Chocolate, to Yellow in a panda suit standing in front of glowing bamboo, to Green and Blue in Kung-fu costumes. There are plenty of photo opportunities inside this one-of-a-kind flagship store.

The Great Wall of Chocolate at m&m's World in Shanghai, China

A sweet experience is guaranteed at M&M's World Shanghai!