TST East Hello Kitty Christmas Lights

Event: Hello Kitty Christmas Lights at Tsim Sha Tsui East
Location: Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre
Address: 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

For the past 30 years, buildings at Tsim Sha Tsui East have used light bulbs to create Christmas themed collages in every December. These collages usually feature Santa Clause or Snowman, and the picture are pretty much the same every year. While these colour light bulbs were amusing some 30 years ago, seeing them for another 29 times no longer create the same excitement. This year, the Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre is catching up with their fellow shopping malls and key buildings in Hong Kong. They have Hello Kitty!

Although the picture is still crafted with light bulb (may be LED bulbs), the fact that they are not using Santa nor Snowman is one big step forward! Having Hello Kitty, this 40 years old cat (straightly speaking, Hello Kitty / Kitty White is a 40-year-old "human being") on its walls is huge Christmas present to its loyal fans. Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre, you rock!

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